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Date: TBA
Place: Magic Island, Honolulu Hawaii
Time 7:00 am to 12:00 noon 

Sharing the Love of Karate in the Spirit of Aloha – Honolulu Uechi-Ryu Gasshuku: Traditional Intensive Training!

An open invitation to all friends of The Honolulu Uechi-ryu Karate-do Club! Join us  for a two-day informal, but intensive, training session at Magic Island in Honolulu Hawaii!

There is a special kind of training event that typically lasts for a few days, the Japanese Budo tradition of the Gasshuku.

Gasshuku, meaning “lodging together”, immerses keen students in a lifestyle of coming together, and training for several hours each day. Quite often, it is remote places, some students may lodge together and depending on the facilities, Gasshuku participants may even share the duties of meal preparation.

While workshops and seminars are geared towards the instruction of new material, Gasshuku serve as an extension of regular class curriculum; the special difference being, however, that it is outside the common atmosphere and familiarity of the students’ home training hall.

As much of the Gasshuku is conducted out-of-doors, the diversity of training methods and activities is quite broad, and the senior organizers have the responsibility of arranging creative training exercises and activities to challenge the participants based on the surrounding environment of the Gasshuku; for instance, performing kata shin-deep on the beach as the surf comes in. Additionally, certain themes, ongoing challenges, and rules can be observed that add creativity and fun to Gasshuku training.

What especially distinguishes this tradition of Budo practice is the element of cohabitating with fellow students, socialization during meals and after training hours, and the bonds practitioners form throughout the experience. Gasshuku is not just a part of the student’s day, but a lifestyle gear-change, and important part of their mosaic of Budo training.

Please consider joining us at Magic Island in Honolulu Hawaii in January  2021 for the Honolulu Uechi-ryu Gasshuku.

Intensive training, knowledge sharing, challenging seminars, beach potluck barbecues and sunset kanikapila (Hawaiian for musical jam sessions/sing-a-longs). And of course, the usual tourist activities of beautiful Hawaii also make this an idyllic vacation . 

Anyone wishing to attend from out of state will need to arrange their own transportation and accommodations.

Contact Al by email at al@worldclassproductionz.com for any information and to RSVP.

A schedule of training segments for the two day period will be posted as time gets closer. Check for updates frequently. Aloooohaaa!
Check back regularly for some exciting news in the works. Confirmed presenters will be added as we get more information. This promises to be an awesome event!
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