Honolulu Uechi-Ryu FAQ​
Frequently Asked Questions​

Are there any fees? 

We recover expenses in the form of a $10 monthly dues donation from all members.  Honolulu Uechi-Ryu must pay an annual fee to be a member of  International Uechi-Ryu Karate Federation (IUKF). The dues we collect go straight to defraying that cost, as well as to cover equipment expenses, and to cover any special events incidental costs.   For the duration of the Covid 19 Global Pandemic, collection of dues has been suspended. All training is currently free of charge until further notice. 

How often should I train?

You can train one day or two. It’s up to you. You will progress faster if you attend both weekend sessions.

If I train only one day a weekend will the dues be less?

No.  The instructors are not paid. We don’t make any money from it. So we offer you the opportunity to train once or twice a week, and the rest is up to you.

What is the enrollment process?

We are pretty informal. This isn’t a business. We do take safety seriously and have an enrollment form that you are required to fill in, so we have some information about you and so we have somewhere to record things like fees paid. We would like your email address so we can let you know about unforeseen and coming events. We also need to know who to contact in the unlikely event of an accident.

Do my fees include a uniform?

No, the dues cover exactly what is stated above. If you want to buy a karate uniform go to a martial arts supply shop. In Honolulu that is Hawaii Martial Arts Supply LLC located at 2909 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96826. Alternatively, you can purchase one on Amazon or other internet seller. Uniforms should be plain white. Most new uniforms come with a white belt.

When you have a uniform, and have paid your fees, we’ll give you a dojo patch for the uniform. You should sew on the patch at the earliest opportunity. It is required for grading.

What about grading fees?

We decided long ago that we did not want to sell grades for money. We grade on attendance, knowledge, ability, and attitude. So we do not charge for Kyu Rank colored belt grading. At Honolulu Uechi-Ryu, we only use four belt colors for adults: White, Green, Brown, and Black. There is a $100 testing fee for Black Belt ranks, but it is paid directly to the IUKF. All Black Belt Dan ranks are registered with the IUKF and are something to be very proud of. 

I’ve graded to another belt color? How do I get a new belt?

You can buy a new belt from the same place you bought your uniform.

What are Kyu and Dan ranks?

Karate has a grading system which helps reward students for their progress and to provide an ongoing incentive. There are 9 kyu grades and three colors of belt prior to the Black Belt or Shodan. We do not award junior black belts. The highest rank a person under 18 years of age can attain with us is Ikkyu (or 1st level Brown Belt). They must then wait until at least 18 years of age in order to test for Shodan (1st degree Black Belt). Honolulu Uechi-Ryu follows the IUKF Black Belt Test Guide pertaining to syllabus and time in rank requirements.