Hawaii Beaches and Reefs
Hawaii Beaches and Reefs

Video for relaxation and ambience

This one hour DVD lets you experience a day in Hawaii on the beach with natural images from different beaches and reefs. Relax as different scenes take you to the world's most breathtaking beaches and underwater scenery, creating a peaceful atmosphere in your home. Enjoy a beautiful sunrise on Hanauma Beach, as you hear the sound of the waves and nice relaxing music in the background. Watch soft, blue water splashing over the smooth sand of a hidden cove called Eternity Beach. The underwater scenery transforms your widescreen TV into a natural ocean aquarium. Enjoy the sensational turquoise color of the Pacific Ocean as you see the idyllic islands from Lanikai beach. Virtually sitting there, the long stationary shots will wash your stress away. Imagine the salty air and the wind in your hair, as the waves roll towards you and lapping at your toes on Sandy Beach, Waialae Beach and Sunset Beach. And while the sun glides away at the end of the day, you experience the mesmerizing beauty of a magnificent sunset on Waikiki Beach.

Hawaii Beaches and Reefs has been filmed in Hawaii (Oahu) using professional video cameras, underwater cameras and high-quality audio equipment to create a wonderful natural experience with soothing music in the background.
Please note: The underwater scenery wasn't filmed in a fish tank - instead, it was filmed on actual reefs along the named beaches.

This DVD is ideal when you want something beautiful, colorful and inspirational to showcase on your TV or computer. Hawaii Beaches and Reefs sets the perfect mood whether you're entertaining friends, looking to be uplifted, or simply relaxing at the end of the day.

Doctors and therapists recommend the sound of waves for soothing stress relief, relaxation, and sleep. The vivid natural images, underwater scenery and sunset skies, you will find a peaceful place to drift away in relaxation.

Waikiki Beach
Sunset Beach
Eternity Beach
Sandy Beach
Hanauma Bay Beach
Lanikai Beach
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