Lono's Bounty
Lono's Bounty

In the beginning, humans sailed to Hawai'i. They founded a peaceful agraian society. A bountiful harvest was a gift from Lono, god of agriculture. Life was good for the kama'aina, children of the land. Now things have changed. Life is out of balance, money is the new god, and the 'Aina suffers. Can sustainability be restored, or is it too late?

In a world seeking to become more sustainable, Hawaii is at odds with its once proud traditional agrarian history, as eighty percent of all food consumed in the island chain is currently imported from 3500 miles away. In this 90 minute film, the ecological, economic, and cultural impact of shipping food from so far away is examined. It explores the growing number of Hawaiian farmers, advocates, chefs, artisans, urban gardeners, and families who are taking action by making themselves less reliant on outside forces and actively supporting a trend toward sustainability.

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In this 60 minute film we explore the growing number of Hawaii farmers, advocates, chefs, artisans, urban gardeners, and families who are taking action by making themselves less rediant on outside forces, and actively supporting a trend toward sustainability.

From the moment of its discovery, Hawaii has been recognized as a beautiful, magical place floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The original Polynesian outrigger canoe voyagers who settled here in this fertile island paradise founded a peaceful and agrarian society based on a sustainable system of agriculture. The importance of a connection with the aina (Hawaiian for “land”) and to the growing of taro is so highlighted in the native language. An interesting fact: the word for family in Hawaiian (ohana) is actually a reference to the off-shoot which propagates out from the taro plant.
Honolulu's film production company World Class Productions produced a documentary film on Hawaiian based farmers, artisans, urban gardeners, home cooks, chefs, who exemplify and embody the sustainable agriculture ethic of caring for the land and protecting biodiversity for today's communities and future generations. The documentary will identify those who promote and advocate the protection of fruits, vegetables, grains, animal breeds, traditional foods and culture at risk of disappearance. The film will interview the farmers and artisans who grow, produce, market, prepare and serve wholesome food, as well as the advocates, organizations, and families who feel their culture endangered. It will examine the personal and economic forces driving local them as well as the challenges they face.

World Class Productions has long been inspired by the celebration of natural food as a cornerstone of pleasure, culture, and community. They have been impressed by many of the farmers, artisans, chefs, and consumers around the world who are contributing to the Slow Food movement. Their vision is to create a documentary that could capture the essence and spirit of sustainable food production. As long time residents of Hawaii, deeply respectful of native Hawaiian culture and traditional values, they borrow heavily from these to help steer the film in historical context, pointing a return to a more balanced life in harmony with the aina (land). A return to a natural balance with the Earth, coupled with innovative green technologies that can champion the change vital to our collective prosperity and self sustainability..
Ken Love, a recognized agricultural expert interviewed in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii has this to say in the film: “In the sixties, 90 % of the food consumed in the state of Hawaii was grown here, then in the eighties and nineties it flipped to where 90% was imported. Now with the closer attention and lip-service being given to sustainability, it’s starting to shift slowly, but we’ve got to do more! And, if Hawaii were to be cut off from the mainland right now, any kind of disruption of shipping, we would be out of food in four days!” He punctuates this statement with a snap of his fingers.

Ken Love's 12 Trees Project
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The documentary title Lono’s Bounty refers to one of the major gods of East Polynesia, all-powerful in the Hawaiian pantheon. The ruling chiefs especially worshipped this god, to protect the kingdom and the land against famine, pestilence, war or rebellion. Other gods were limited in their powers to specific areas or functions.Various attributes of the major gods came to be worshipped for their specific functions. Lono was invoked to ensure peace and productivity. Lono is seen, associated or visualized as clustering of dark clouds, as thunder, the partial rainbow, whirlwinds, and even waterspouts. As uncle makua to Pele, Lono is also felt as the earthquake. Lono is the rain that falls from the Kona direction. He is the god of fertility and the god of agriculture. He reestablishes the vitality of the land and nourishes the garden of the people.

In Lono’s Bounty, Hawaii is shown as an exaggerated microcosm of the Earth as a whole. While the economic principle of comparative advantage dictates that consumers should always purchase less expensive goods produced outside of Hawaii whenever possible, this is contrary to ethical principles. The immense carbon footprint created by shipping food in from 3500 miles away does not adhere to the traditional cultural value of Malama Ka Aina (Caring for the Land). Any possible disruption in shipping will have harmful effects on the island inhabitants who are so reliant on outside forces. This documentary will show how in Hawai’i, as on the mainland, sustainable farming practices and conscious consumer practices are not only vital to our collective survival; they are Pono (Righteous).
We've sent our DVD "Lono's Bounty" to the White House, and today we are honored that the President and the First Lady sent us this note.

Energy & Environment

"Each of us has a part to play in a new future that will benefit all of us. As we recover from this recession, the transition to clean energy has the potential to grow our economy and create millions of jobs – but only if we accelerate that transition. Only if we seize the moment. And only if we rally together and act as one nation – workers and entrepreneurs; scientists and citizens; the public and private sectors."

-President Obama, June 15, 2010

For decades it has been clear that the way Americans produce and consume energy is not sustainable. Our addiction to foreign oil and fossil fuels puts our economy, our national security and our environment at risk. To take this country in a new direction, the President is working with Congress to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation to protect our nation from the serious economic and strategic risks associated with our reliance on foreign oil, to create jobs, and to cut down on the carbon pollution that contributes to the destabilizing effects of climate change.

The President has already made great strides toward changing our energy future. The Recovery Act constituted an unprecedented and historic investment in the clean energy economy. Investments in the development of renewable energy and clean technologies will lead to the energy sources of the future. Investments in high speed rail and advanced car batteries will lead to the transportation systems of the future. Investments in a smart electric grid and energy efficient homes, offices, and appliances will reduce our overall energy consumption as a nation. And all of these investments will lead to the industries of the future, help put America back in the lead of the global clean energy economy, and create millions of jobs over time. As the President said, “Now is the moment for this generation to embark on a national mission to unleash American innovation and seize control of our own destiny.”
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Go green, Green Hawaii, Sustainability, Organic, Energy in Hawai, Hawaii, Lono, Bounty, Agriculture, Kamaina, Eco System, hawaiina Farms, Sustainability, Agraian society, Hawaiian Agriculture