Video Production Services

You have a message and a deadline. We have what it takes to keep you on target, on budget, and on time.We know that even the most sophisticated special effects can’t hide a poorly produced video or film. That’s why our commitment begins with research and preparation long before we arrive on site; top that with our production experience and you can rest assured you’ll get what you need.
Video production day rates start at less than $600/day

All you need for great looking, great sounding professional video. This service is appropriate for many corporate customers or even a great way to save money on multiple TV commercials. For a multiple TV commercials package we recommend a 1-2 day shoot and a 1 to 1.5 day edit. This usually provides enough production time to get 3 similar TV commercials with a consistent feel or message to entice and capture your target market. We offer complete video production for as little as $100 per finished minute. Camera operators and 2 HD cameras for as little as $300 per day (2 hours portal to portal). We use state of the art Canon Professional video cameras.
Promo Video : as low as $600

Attention grabbing, high quality, quick turn around, promotional video or informational video production for your web site, kiosk or office lobby to drive Traffic to your place of business or web site. 60 second promo for $600 includes video shooting, editing graphics and professional voiceover. Up to 2:00 in length for just a little more if shot at the same time on location. Video features you or your best customers to tell the story of your business, product, or service.
TV commercials:

We offer amazing rates for high quality TV commercials. Our economy TV spots start as low as $900. Our regular TV commercial service starts at $900-$1,500 for a complete TV commercial with a professional voice over, nice graphics and great looking videography and a royalty free music bed. We offer a consultation script meeting, 3-4 hours shoot and a 3-4 hour edit, creating a professional television presence for your company. You might be surprised at the companies that have gotten more than they bargained for with this service. These rates do not include the on camera talent, we rely on you for that or the services of a professional casting agent. Typical Commercial price range, $900-$1,500.
Music Video package $700:

If you don't have a video, you are a nobody these days. Yes, it is true, you can have a professional music video for you and/or your band for only $700 including your 1st DVD and a web video version to promote you to star status. Includes half day shoot and 1 day edit. Video features you and your band for 1 track recorded in a studio you provide or exterior location you choose and get clearance to shoot at. Music must be provided on CD 1 week prior to shooting, requires payment up front. Looking for More? Custom high end, MTV broadcast level, creative music video productions are available on a per job basis, starting as low as $1,000
Ala Carte video services:

We offer our service ala carte as well, for example weddings, special events, anniversaries, etc.
Video shooting single camera starting at $150/hr, (min. charge $300 for 2 hours)
Video editing $50/hr  (min. charge 1 hours)

All rates are portal-to-portal local to Honolulu, HI (within ½ hour travel time). Travel charges will apply and will be quoted accordingly for any work beyond ½ hour travel time. Rates do not include applicable state, local sales taxes, media, music royalties or 3rd party fees.
Canceling requires at least 24 hours notice or a cancellation fee may be required.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or to call us (808) 221-6873

Please Note: World Class Productions LLC carries a general liability insurance policy of up to $1,000,000.00 in coverage, which is mandated by the Hawaii Film Office for obtaining 2012 Annual Filming Permits. Make sure that whomever you choose as your photographer/videographer has an State of Hawaii Annual Filming Permit BEFORE you film on any State, City, or County land (ie; parks or beaches)!

World Class Productions LLC has won multiple awards in the Video Production field including; The Accolade Award of Excellence, The Green Apple Award, The Honolulu Film Award, Nominee for Best Documentary at The Barebones Film Festival, Winners at The Indie Fest, and has garnered prestigious kudos industry wide. Our commercials have appeared on WE, BRAVO, DISCOVERY, TNT, TMZ, and most major cable networks. Our clients have included; The Royal Hawaiian Center, Best Selling Authors Robert Orfali and Paul Hendricks, Celebrity Yoga Instructor Jake Grace, Futura Stone, Musicians Mike Keale and Lii Nui, Japanese Yoga Instuctor Mika Murakoshi, Hawaii Entrepreneur of the Year Richard Moody, British QVC Presenter Marie-Francoise Wolff,  Olomana Gardens, Atlantis Seafood & Steak, Seafood Village,  and many more!

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